Frequently Asked Questions
Posted Aug 1, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How will my child be assigned to a team?

A: All players are assigned to teams based on their age/weight according to Pop Warner guidelines.

Q: Can I request what team/coach my child is on?

A: No- due to new players that register we cannot accomodate such requests. If your child is a returning player and still meets the age/weight range from the previous season they will return to their previous team when possible. The organization reserves the right to make the final decision on which team a player is assigned to based upon organizational need.

Q: What if I want to pay by Cash/Check/Money Order can I still register my child?

A:Yes- If you wish to pay by cash/check/money order bring it along with your current season registration paperwork to one of our On-Site registrations to complete your child's registration.

Q: Can I mail the required registration documents (i.e birth certificates, physical, etc.)?

A: No- we ask that you bring your documents in person to one of our On-Site registrations to complete your child's registration, but if you would like to expedite the registration process, you can email the forms.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Children living in the Triangle-area provided they meet the following criteria:

1. Are between the ages of 5 - 12 as of July 31, (of Current Year).

2. Maintain a 70% scholastic average (Kindergarten not included).

3. Meet the age/weight requirements as determined by Pop Warner.

Q: What is required for a child to participate?

A: Each player must provide the following information in order to complete registration: 

1. Payment of registration fee in full.

2. Copy of player's birth certificate.

3. Completed (Current Year) Pop Warner Participation Contract Form.

4. Completed (Current Year) Pop Warner physical/medical history form dated after January 1, (of current season). It must be the physical form provided by Pop Warner that you will receive during registration.

5. Completed TCPFCO Registration Paperwork

6. Completed TCPFCO Parents Code of Conduct

7. Year end report card (all 4 grading periods must be complete) turned in by August 1st.

Q: What equipment/uniforms are provided and what must the participants provide?

A:Tackle football players will be supplied with a helmet and shoulder pads. The participant must supply a practice jersey, integrated practice pants, Black integrated game day pants and black long over the knee socks. All game day jersey are given out by the coach before each game and collected after each game. Conditioning attire consist of shorts, t-shirt and cleats.

A: Cheer participants will be supplied with Cheer Top, Cheer Bottom and Pom Pom. The Participant must supply hair bow, brief, undershirt, socks and shoes. Uniforms will need to be cleaned for each game. Conditioning attire consist of shorts, t-shirt and shoes.

All uniforms pieces that TCP Panthers supply must be cleaned and returned at the end of each season to your coach after the last game.

Q: Do you have tryouts?

A: No- TCP Panthers do not hold tryouts and no experience is necessary at any level. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis based on Pop Warner age/weight requirements.

Q: When does the season start?

A: Typically practices begin on August 1st (unless it is a Sunday). Our regular season games will generally begin the last Saturday in August or the first Saturday in September depending on how the calendar falls.

Q: How long does the season last?

A: Our regular season ends in late October. All football players on the Jr. PeeWee, PeeWee teams are eligible for post-season play and competition. League and Regional Play-offs will be held throughout the month of November. Regional Championships will always be held on Thanksgiving weekend with the traveling day/hotel check-in to be Thanksgiving Day. Post-season travel is expected to be light, (Raleigh, Garner, Winston-Salem, Charlotte or the southern Virginia area), however there is always the chance of further travel in any given year. The Pop Warner Super Bowl will be held the first week of December at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

Q: Where/When are games played?

A: Panther home games will be played at Creative Studies School. Away games will be held at other Consolidated Football Federation (CFF) fields in Apex, Cary, Cleveland, Durham, Garner, Raleigh, Sanford, Wilmington and Wake Forest. We will provide the address to all of our game fields. Games are played on Saturdays at various times depending on field availability. Game schedules will be available near the end of August. Some games may be postponed or canceled due to weather or loss of field. There is a gate charge of $4/adults and $2 for school-aged youth. Kids under 5 are free.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Please e-mail us at