Letter from the TCP Presdient

Welcome to Tri County Panthers


Dear Parents and Participants,

  As the Tri County Panthers Football & Cheer Organization Board President I want to thank you for your family’s involvement in our program for the upcoming season. As a Team Mom and Parent in our program for past few seasons, I know the amount of time and effort it takes to prepare a team and organization for play. I would like to thank you in advance for making the commitment to this league, and I look forward to working with you this season.

Volunteer Opportunities

  For those of you that do not know, we begin preparation for the upcoming season in January and work all the way through to the end of our current season. I would like to encourage all of our families to become more involved in our program. This is a volunteer based organization and without parent participation it will be impossible to grow and improve our program.  When we ask for your assistance, please help. Parents normally perform a variety of duties on and off the field. We also need volunteers for various other functions that greatly assist the coaches, the players, and the organization overall. Without parent involvement, the league simply could not exist.

Parent Involvement

  We are as strong as all our parents. We ask that our parents attend all our mandatory meetings. Now some practices may be cancelled or delayed at a moment’s notice.  Please make sure your child has access to you or an approved guardian for every practice. For the safety of all the participants, there must be a car waiting for them at all times until practice can either be cancelled or can be continued. Even if the weather is clear, practices may end early, and without sufficient warning or communication from coaches or team parents. Every participant must have transportation with either a parent or guardian at every practice. Again this is for the safety of everyone involved. If you are unable to be there for the entire practice, please make accommodations with either the coach, team parent, or another parent to ensure your child has transportation if needed.

Competitiveness/Playing Time/Positioning

  Pop Warner is a very competitive program, not only here locally, but throughout the United States. Although our organization and Pop Warner encourages as much playing time as possible, we use plays counts for our players to ensure that every player gets playing time. Coaches are trained to evaluate the players and determine where they can best be suited to help the team. Not all players will perform at the same level or have the same desire to play and perform, but all players will participate.  The coaching staff determines which 11 players will start on the field and they will rotate in all others. Some players may be advancing at a slower pace and are rotated into the game accordingly.  Parents have to realize that there are players that are playing tackle football for the first time, and are unsure if tackle football is the right game for them.  Ultimately, it is the head coach (along with the coaching staff) that will determine a child’s level of play in accordance with Pop Warner regulations.

Depending on the size of the team, each player is required to play the Mandatory Playing Requirement (MPR). While the Tri County Panther Board accepts and enforces the Pop Warner MPR rules, the Board but will not dictate how many more plays a player will participate in during a game.

Unlike other sports, each player is usually given a position to play. Each position has different demands, skills, and coaching requirements. In order for the child, and likewise the team to improve, players must learn their respective position fully.

Panther Growth

  Finally, I would encourage you and all of our coaches to recruit new families into our organization so that we can grow our football and cheer family! There is a long history of coaches recruiting players for their teams and that tradition will continue. I am committed to doing what I can to continue to improve what others have done before me, and with your help I know we can do it.

We are always looking for coaches, so if you are interested in coaching, or if you have any questions, please send me an email at tricountyfootballcheer@gmail.com and I will respond back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to serving you in our current season and helping our children become better football players and cheerleaders while keeping our program as fun and supportive as we can.

Best wishes for your family and GO PANTHERS!


Jessica Council

Tri County Panther Football & Cheer Organization, President