TCP Bylaws & Administrative Policies
Posted Jan 17, 2019

PWLS-Tri County Panthers By-Laws



There will be two programs offered by the PWLS-Tri County Panthers:

Football and Cheer/Dance, including but not limited to flag squads, twirlers, and cheer/dance squads.



All rules of the PWLS-Tri County Panthers Football and Cheer/Dance will be in accordance with the PWLS Inc. and CFF regulations and administrative policies. Annual program rules will be updated and distributed to every family in the organization via our website They should consist of, but not be limited to the following list: Introduction, Objectives, Membership, Affiliations, Registration Meetings, Scholastic Policy, Insurance, Parental Participation Code of Conduct, Uniforms, Safety Equipment, Refunds, Return Check Policy, Practice and Game Schedules, Directions to away games, Medical Exams, Injured Participants, Attendance Ages and Weights, Mandatory Play Rule, Code of Conduct



Strictly follow in accordance with CFF and PWLS Inc. requirements.



Strictly follow in accordance with CFF and PWLS Inc. requirements. If there are not sufficient registrants to build a team at a given level, two courses of action will be followed:

  1. Players from other levels will be provided an opportunity to move up or down depending on their own age/weight and roster availability at other levels. For example a Jr. Pee Wee waiting list might help to fortify a Pee Wee team. Mitey Mites would not be asked to move up as their Instructional play should be maximized.
  2. If enrollment for a single team counts do not make required minimums, then assistance will be provided to redirect players to a program that can provide a roster spot for them. If enrollment numbers are low, we will be moving those players to the closest Pop Warner program to their home address. This can be done with waiting list participants as well but the time frames might not work out as well because other programs will fill up as time passes. All team count numbers are determined by affiliations in Article 1 D.



All volunteers seeking a coaching position with the organization must complete all documentation required by TCP, CFF and PWLS Inc., including but not limited to a background check and all certifications needed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any falsification of information on the application will result in immediate dismissal.



Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Coach Trainees must be of age in accordance with current Pop Warner rules. The use of Student Assistant is allowed, however, they must be two years older than the oldest participant on the senior most team or squad. A Coach Trainees under the age of 18 must have Parental Permission to serve in that capacity. All coaches, trainees and demonstrators shall be required to take all required training courses and must be certified every year or as often as may be required by the CFF and PWLS Inc. All coaches, trainees and demonstrators must be able to read, write, communicate and understand the English language and must have a valid driver’s license or other valid form of photo identification. Each cheerleader squad must have one certified coach for every six (6) participants or part thereof and squads with two (2) or more coaches must have one (1) person designated as the Head Coach. All coaches shall serve in the capacity from the official start of the current fiscal year as stated in Article 1 E annually and must be re-appointed annually. Any applicant shall not have been convicted of a crime that would pose a threat to the safety and general welfare of the TCP program participants if allowed to coach.



Every application and or records (with the exception of background checks) for coaching positions with the TCP shall be reviewed by the TCP Football or Cheer/Dance Commissioners. The number of coaches assigned to each team should be in accordance with CFF and/or PWLS Inc. guidelines.



It shall be the ultimate responsibility of the Football and Cheer/Dance Commissioners to place participants on teams or squads in accordance with the PWLS Inc. Age/Weight matrix. The Commissioners shall attempt to keep inexperienced participants in the Age and/or Weight Division that will allow them to have more participation time and that will enable them to gain the fundamentals necessary to advance to the next highest division of play. The goal of the TCP program shall be to give every participant at least two (2) years in each Age and/or Weight Division, if at all possible. Football and Cheer/Dance Commissioners shall attempt to take into consideration siblings playing in other teams/squads. Whenever possible, the Football and Cheer/Dance Commissioners shall make every effort to accommodate these situations, however, the main responsibility shall be to the team or squad as a whole.



If expense money is provided by the TCP Organization, all players/cheerleaders will stay 3 to a room with a selected coach or chaperone that has the appropriate background check, unless for a medical condition. If the parents refuse, they will not receive any reimbursement for the hotel. They must keep their child with them in the hotel at all times, and the parents must follow the same code of conduct as the Coaches. If the parents are caught breaking these rules, their child may not participate in the regional or national activity. All players, coaches, families and volunteers are responsible for their own expenses. When funds are available, the TCP Organization will try to help the teams offset some of the costs for travel. This assistance, however, is not guaranteed and will be addressed on a case by case basis by the TCP Executive Board.



The Head Coaches assigned to each team shall provide a signed receipt for all TCP organization equipment issued to his/her team members by the Equipment Manager. The Head Coach is responsible for collecting all TCP property issued to his/her team and for turning over the property to the Equipment Manager/Commissioner at the end of the season. The Head Coach who is unsuccessful in retrieving issued equipment will turn in the signed receipt by the player’s parent/guardian, name of player, list of unreturned equipment, and a letter stating what attempts have been made to recover the equipment. The Equipment Manager is directly responsible to ensure that all league equipment is accounted for at the end of the season. Any player who has not turned in any equipment from a previous season will not be allowed to register until they return or pay the replacement cost for the equipment. If equipment is turned in after the set deadline, a LATE FEE must be paid before the player can participate.



PWLS-Tri County Panther Administrative Policies



All officers, League Representatives, Football Commissioners, Cheerleading Commissioners and Coaches shall keep adequate records of occurrences. All original records shall be on file with the President and a copy with the Secretary.



Tri-County Panthers PO Box 359 Durham, NC 27702




At the BOD discretion.




If any check is returned, the Treasurer will be responsible to notify the party and recoup funds in cash from the involved party, as well as any funds charged to the organization for the returned check. Any payments thereafter must be made in cash or cash equivalent during the tenure with the organization.



Full refunds of registration fees ONLY will be granted if the organization is notified in writing prior to August 1st that the child will not be participating in either football or cheer. If a child does not meet weight and certification requirements by scheduling of official season weigh in by the CFF officials, a full refund will be granted. Between official weigh in date and the Monday practice following the 1st scheduled season game, a 50% refund will be granted. No refunds will be granted after that date.



Registration shall be in accordance with CFF and PWLS Inc., unless a full roster is obtained prior to that date. Minimum documents needed are PW Player/Parent contract parts 1 and 2, PW Medical form parts 1 and 2, copy of birth record and copy of latest report card.



Practice shall be in accordance with CFF and PWLS Inc.; All participants must have all required documentation before they are allowed to participate in the first practice of the season. 10 hrs/4 days or 2 hours x 5 days per week maximum until Sept 1st and 6hrs/3 days per week maximum AFTER Sept 1st



Medical Exams are mandatory for all participants in the League. The TCP BOD will attempt to arrange a physician to provide physicals at a minimal fee. If a child does not attend on the scheduled day, they will be responsible to obtain a certification from a private physician on the approved PWLS Inc. issued form, by the start of first practice of the season.



If a child is injured, the coaching staff will complete an incident report immediately following the incident describing the occurrence within a reasonable amount of time. Parents will be given a copy of the report, and an original filed with the President, with a copy to the Insurance Coordinator for a permanent record. TCP will support the policy of “When in doubt they sit out”. A doctors’ release for contact will be mandatory in accordance with PWLS rules



Attendance must be in accordance with the Rules and Regulations set forth by the Football and Cheer/Dance Commissioners and affiliates listed in Article 1D.




At equipment distribution, parents will be given a form to sign for the equipment and uniforms that are being loaned to their child with instructions for the care of the equipment and uniforms. All uniforms and equipment must be returned by December 14th. If equipment and/or uniforms are not returned by that date, an invoice for replacement of the same will be forwarded to the child’s parent. If the equipment and/or uniforms are not returned, the family will be deemed to not be in good standing until return of the equipment and/or uniform or the invoice for replacement be paid in full. Tri County Panthers reserves the right to proceed with legal action to recover monies due and owing for failure to return Tri Co Panthers loaned property.



Participants meeting the criteria established by PWLS Inc., CFF or the PWLS-Tri County Panthers will be contacted regarding any scholarship monies available, if any.



Participants of the program can only be suspended by the TCP President and the TCP Football and/or Cheer/Dance Commissioners for violation of program rules or discipline problems. The organization requests all measures be taken to avoid suspension. Children, coaches and parents should openly discuss the situation and attempt to reach an attainable goal in order to resolve the situation. If this does not rectify the problem, suspension will be initiated after parents are notified by certified mail of the action to be taken. Appeal process is available to the child and their parents. Appeals must be sent in writing within seven (7) days of notification to the Secretary of the TCP Executive Board. It will then be reviewed and discussed by the TCP Executive Board within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the appeal. All appeal decisions are final



Tri County Panthers Football and Cheer/Dance is covered under insurance through PWLS Inc. The child’s insurance is the primary carrier. Any medical bills not covered by the participants insurance can be paid by the participants & can be submitted to the Insurance Officer of the TCP Executive Board for resolution which will be submitted to the TCP carrier. After submitting to the carrier the TCP organization is no longer responsible, at that point all information should be handled by the individual and the organization carrier contact. The TCP Insurance Officer will assist the participant’s family in resolution. The parent of any participant may also sign a liability waiver form releasing TCP for any responsibility of medical coverage to participate in the season due to a lack of insurance by the participant.

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